Greeters are the first face most see when visiting The First.  They are here to greet with a smile and provide assistance in any way that is needed.
Marie Brown leads this vital ministry.
The greeters in God’s church ARE the “gateway” from the world into the service.  Greeters help people transition from the world and “worldly experiences” into a service that can prepare them to have “spiritual experiences”.  
As greeters our job is very simple. We are here to show the love of Christ and make everyone feel like they are part of our church family. We seek to eliminate fear and encourage the love of Christ by showing the beauty of a smile when someone enters into our church doors. Kind words, a loving handshake or brief hug, may be all that is needed to boost confidence and bring a sense of ease to someone’s heart. The word “Welcome” is just a small percentage of what God can do through the greeter’s ministry. He has given this ministry so much more power to touch others through the joy of our service.